Archival Kismet: Spring 2022

Feeling(s) in the Archive: Emotions, Expressions, Experience

Organizers: Bridget Keown & Courtney Thompson



9:00-9:30 am CT

Welcome and Opening Comment

Bridget Keown & Courtney Thompson

9:30-10:30 am CT

Making Connections

Moderator: Bridget Keown

Mary Chadwick, “Identifying with a Conservative Countess as a Left-wing Academic”

Leon Janssens, “Ordering Pornography in Nineteenth-century Brussels”

Koyna Tomar, “Remembering Jill: Celebrity Cows and Dairy Science in Colonial and Postcolonial India”

11:00 – 1:00 pm CT

The Presence and Power of Loss

Moderator: DeeDee Baldwin

Samira Saramo, “Everything and Nothing: Feeling Photographs of Grief and the Everyday”

Heather Ellis, “Symbols of Sadness (?): Veteran Art in Postwar Canada”

Erika K. Jackson, “Girlhood, Feminism, Trauma, and Loss in 1994”

Rachel Anne Gillett, “If”

1:30-3:15 pm CT

Touching Time

Moderator: Sharrona Pearl

Christina Gessler, “Flighty Feelings: Sarah’s Writings About Taxidermy”

Laura Wagner, “Accidental Traces: Stowaway Objects in the Radio Haiti Archive”

Renee Ragin Randall, “Archiving the Event That Hasn’t Ended”

Alex Lindgren-Gibson, “Missed Connections: Metropolitan Encounters in Indian Newspapers”

3:30-5:00 pm CT

Empathy As Archival Tool

Moderator: Kelly Therese Pollock

Anna K. Danzinger Halperin, “Caring for Wetnurses’ Children: Neglect and Disdain in New York’s Nursery and Child’s Hospital”

Claudia Calhoun, “John Ford’s Feelings”

Kylie M. Smith, “Mrs. Hurston’s Letter: Memory, Trauma, and Family in Mississippi”


10:00 am-11:30 am CT

Love, Loyalty, and Loneliness

Moderator: Kelly O’Donnell

Meral Akbaş & Özge Kelekçi, “Ruins/Stones/Walls Hear, See, Speak: ‘Loneliness is for the state!’”

Seth Stein LeJacq, “‘o what happiness it wood be for me to see you once more’: A Mother’s Letter and a Royal Navy Sodomy Hanging, 1800”

Anya Jabour, “‘Venus Time’: Love and Longing in May Bragdon’s Diaries”

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm CT

Integrating and Translating Emotions

Moderator: Rhiannon Scharnhorst

Max Johnson Dugan, “Reading Emotion, Power, and Strategy in the Penn Museum’s Acquisition of an Egyptian Qur’ān Manuscript”

Shannon Withycombe, “‘Discharged Well’: Child Loss and Erased Emotion in the Medical Record”

Hannah Groch-Begley, “The Phantom Letter: Experiencing Absence and Presence in the Archive”

2:00 – 3:30 pm CT

Love Enduring

Moderator: Kelly Therese Pollock

Britta McEwan, “Positive Emotions in Tough Times”

Galen David Bunting, “‘Let Us Devour Each Other And Die’: Desire and Trauma in the Unpublished War Writing of Mary Borden”

Penelope K. Hardy, “‘Dearest Püppchen’: Reckoning with love, science, and family in the wartime letters of Florence and Kris Kreeger”

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm CT

Flashes of Emotion

Moderator: Courtney Thompson

Sarah L. Leonard, “Anna’s Moods: Making Sense of Emotions in Early German Photographs”

Axelle Demus, “To Watch Boldly What No One Has Watched Before: Discoveries, Kinship, and Joy in the Queer Television Archives”

G. Patrick O’Brien, “‘A Foretaste of the Joys of Heaven and Almost the Miseries of Hell’: A Diary in the Loyalist Diaspora”