Archival Kismet: Fall 2021

Silence or Screams? Archives of Race, Gender, & Sexuality

Organizers: Alexandra Rutherford & Courtney Thompson


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Selected panel swill be recorded and available after the conference to all register participants.

The titles of panels on this page will link to the panels to attend.

Friday, December 10

9:00-9:30 am CT

Welcome and Opening Comments

Courtney Thompson

9:45–11:30 am CT

Odd Objects

Moderator: Courtney Thompson

Sarah Purcell, “A Relic of Robert E. Lee: Memory, Gender, and a Numinous Object”

Sophie Hess, “Curious Petrifications: Geological Souvenirs and Everyday Colonialism in 19th Century America”

Vicky Iglowski-Broad, “Bloody archives: an archival insight into the history of sanitary towels OR Sanitary Towels: A social survey”

Rachel Louise Moran, “Spitting on my Sources, or, a Depressing DNA Test”


12:00 – 1:30 pm CT

Words, Words, Words

Moderator: Cornelia Lambert

Sharrona Pearl, “Dr. James Barry and Dr. Emily Stowe: two Canadian medical firsts”     

R.E. Fulton, “”Emma”: Who’s With Us in the Abortion Archive?”

Gözde Kılıç ““Physiology or Psychology? Overlapping Definitions of Love in Nazım Şakir’s Aşk-ı Marazî


2:00-3:30 pm CT


Moderator: Alexandra Rutherford

Valerie Schutte, “Anne of Cleves and Family Identity in a Book of Poetry”

Anya Jabour, “Out of the Closet: Katharine Bement Davis’s Unpublished “Autobiographical Biography”      

Kristin M. Franseen, “When the Historian is the Research Subject: Allan Bérubé’s Files on Edward Prime-Stevenson”

4:00-5:45 pm CT


Moderator: Donna J. Drucker

Ruby Hann, “”Handsome features and finely formed limbs”: Contradictions and Admiration in British Physical Culture Literature”

Nicole Schroeder, “”She is an object of both charity and curiosity:” Disability, Gender, and Patent Medicine Advertisements in the Medical Marketplace, 1820-1870”

Vicki Daniel, “Erasure Through Visibility: Scapegoats in the Johnstown Flood Disaster of 1889”       

Cindy Nguyen, “Gendering and Racialized Labor and Space in the Colonial Library in Vietnam”

Saturday, December 11

9:00 am-10:45 am CT

War and…Dance?

Moderator: Chris Levesque

Elliott Bowen, “”I Have No Idea How Serious He Is”: Patients, Families, and the Treatment of Mental Illness in the US Military, 1900-1914”

Aparna Nair, “Prosthetics, Art and the “Panzer Division” in a PoW Camp”

Bridget Keown, “”Thinking of Lois”: Considering fragmentary lives and loves in a First World War Diary”

Pratichi Priyambada, “Identity, Claims and Contestations: Reading a Dancer’s Petition in Nineteenth-Century India”

11:15 am – 12:45 pm CT


Moderator: Hannah Groch-Begley

Tara Nummedal, “Locating Spanish Fly: Desire, Violence, and Affect”

Elaine LaFay, “Vaginismus and Medically-Sanctioned Rape in the Nineteenth Century United States”

Joshua Mentanko, “Hart Crane’s Photos of Nude Children in Mexico: Evidence of culpability? If so, of what?”

1:15 – 2:45 pm CT

Activism and Community

Moderator: Kelly Therese Pollock

Sarah L. Swedberg, “Rural Coloradans Fight Back: Grand Junction’s Resistance to Amendment 2”

Omri Grinberg & Sarai Aharoni, “Connecting Archival Dots: Learning about Israel’s Gender Violence Against Palestinian Women Through an Archive That Wasn’t Meant to Be”

Sydney Rose Green, ““Undaunted by long hours and hard work”: Alpha Kappa Alpha and representations of Black women physicians in the 1970s”


3:15 pm – 4:15 pm CT

Law and Order

Moderator: Kelly O’Donnell

Divya Rama Gopalakrishnan, “Female Suicides in Nineteenth Century Madras: Subaltern resistance or subaltern refusal”

Laura R. Prieto & Marta Crilly, “Refused, No Papers: Boston’s Registers of Woman Voters, 1920”

4:30 pm CT

Closing Remarks

Alexandra Rutherford